Woodwick candles

Woodwick Candles

WoodWick soy wax candles are famous for their natural wooden wick, which creates a soothing sound of a crackling log fire when lit. There is a fantastic variety of stunning colours and gorgeous fragrances in this range of candles, which would brighten up your home or make the perfect gift for that someone special.

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The distinctive candles of the Woodwick range are manufactured by the Virginia Candle Company of Lynchburg , Virginia. Woodwick candles feature premium natural soy wax blends and offer some of the longest burn times that you will find. The carefully blended fragrances are created from only natural, renewable and sustainable ingredients and offer consistent aromas.

As the name suggests, Woodwick candles are most notable for their highly original, organic wooden wicks which crackle like a real log fire to bring you a cosy and nostalgic atmosphere. There are a wide variety of fragrances and colours in this exceptional range. Woodwick candles will pleasantly fragrance your home whilst being appealing decorative features that enhance the look of any room. With fruity, floral, spicy and woody aromas to choose from there is something to suit all moods and we are sure that you will enjoy the wonderful fragrances of the beach, the rain and café treats.

You will discover small medium and large jar candles in the range that offer burn times of up to 180 hours! Woodwick Jar candles come complete with handy wooden tops which double as coasters to stand the candles on once lit. Trilogy candles bring you the delights of three different colours and fragrances in one very attractive candle. You will also enjoy the retro tin candles and wax melts.

The Woodwick candle range is packed full of great gifts for family and friends that are sure to please. Beautiful fragrances and appealing colours feature in earth friendly candles of contemporary design with wonderful crackling wicks to savour.

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