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Royal Worcester is an historic English brand that played a crucial role in the development of Porcelain production in this country. In the early 18th century porcelain was almost exclusively produced in the Far East but that was about to change. Physician Dr John Wall and apothecary William Davis developed a unique method for manufacturing porcelain and secured investment for a factory in Worcester which opened in 1751 and which was to become Royal Worcester. The Company's first showroom opened in London in 1754.

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Initially the Royal Worcester range was simple and functional but the rise in popularity of tea drinking in Britain led to a demand for beautiful tea sets amongst the upper classes and nobility. Royal Worcester responded to this demand and the prosperity of the brand was assured, particularly after receiving the Royal Warrant in 1788 from King George III. Further Royal Warrants were granted in later years.

Royal Worcester enjoyed many celebrated patrons including several monarchs, Queen Victoria's son Prince Albert and Admiral Lord Nelson. Eventually the company was to merge with Spode and production moved to Stoke in the heart of the potteries. The Royal Worcester brand is now part of the Portmeirion Group and continues to create a fine collection of beautiful porcelain which we are proud to showcase here at Sands Gifts.

We have chosen a stunning selection of Royal Worcester for you to enjoy. Our range includes the simple elegance and refinement of the Peony collection, Evesham Gold which glories in the fruits of the wonderful Vale of Evesham and a stunning collection of figurines, vases and plaques. Royal Worcester is notable for its rich colours, heritage feel and stylish elegance.

Whether you are looking for a single, striking piece or are forming a wonderful collection, Royal Worcester porcelain is certainly a fabulous choice. Elegant, sophisticated and memorable, Royal Worcester is a British institution and a heritage brand to be savoured.

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