I O Shen Knives

I O Shen

I O Shen knives are quickly becoming the favourite of a lot of chefs around Britain. These Japanese knives have uniquely designed handles and a fantastic cutting edge

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All the knives in the I.O.Shen range have used the very latest technology to create a blade that is not only incredibly sharp but will also retain their edge for a remarkable amount of time. They have also been hand sharpened to a 15° angle, which allows for brilliant slicing and portion control. The handle design helps improve balance and handle stability. The unique construction of these knives really is second to none

The brilliant combination of steel used in these knives is part of the reason why the best chefs from all over the country now solely use I O Shen knives

Whether you are the main cook in your house or not, using these knives will make your time in the kitchen preparing meals a lot easier and will leave you wondering what they ever did without them. Check out our extensive range online today!

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