Dexam is a British brand that has been producing fine kitchenware since 1957 and today is one of the UK's leading kitchenware companies. The team at Dexam International are passionate about food and so are dedicated to designing and producing the accessories that cooks need to prepare and serve their dishes in style. The latest fashions in both design and cookery are carefully monitored to ensure that the Dexam range meets the demands of contemporary cooks who love to remain right on trend.

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At Sands Gifts we proudly showcase Dexam and feature a comprehensive collection of Dexam cookie cutters, globe teapots, kitchenware and textiles. The fine designs, fabulous colours and useful accessories would be the perfect addition to any home and, of course, original gifts for food lovers amongst your family and friends.

No kitchen should be without a selection of funky cookie cutters from the Dexam range. Whether you are making shortbread, gingerbread or any kind or biscuits you can get creative with Dexam's cutters which feature festive and romantic ideas together with fun choices for kids to enjoy.

Dexam Globe teapots are available in a variety of colours and sizes. Their cool retro styling is sure to be a hit and there is certainly room for the traditional cup of tea in even the most modern of kitchens. Stylish aprons and oven gloves are cook's essentials that should not be missed in our Dexam textiles range and entertaining is easy with Dexam's wine savers, wine stoppers, wine coolers and cocktail glasses.

The range is completed by a fabulous array of Dexam kitchenware accessories including piping sets, pizza sets, egg slicers, apple peelers, garlic choppers, microwave steamers and useful bowls. With Dexam every cook will find exactly what they need to work with efficiently and style. The Dexam range is also incredibly affordable giving you the opportunity to source all of the gifts you need for the food lovers in your life.

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