Charles Viancin Silicone Kitchenware

Charles Viancin Silicone Kitchenware

Charles Viancin Silicone Lids, Covers & Bottle Stoppers

Charles Viancin was born to challenge convention. An inspired designer and entrepreneur, Charles has built a reputation around creating products that reflect his upbringing in the scenic French Alps and his love of nature, products that boast both practical and artistic qualities.

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Drawing inspiration from the beauty and functionality of nature, Charles has created a full range of versatile kitchenware essential for every day tasks. Charles Viancin kitchenware is both fun and functional adding a new dimension to everyday tasks and inspiring your creativity.

Like Charles, this line of products is constantly evolving, as will your understanding of their capabilities as you use them. Fun and functional for all of your kitchen activities, these original designs will remind you of one of nature's most basic truths: the freedom to create.

Charles Viancin Silicone at Sands Gifts

It is always nice to feature a little design inspiration in the kitchen and you can certainly do that with Charles Viancin kitchenware. This stunning collection of silicone accessories includes stoppers, lids, covers, drink markers and a versatile colander in striking designs that lend fresh colour to your kitchen.

This funky culinary collection is fashioned from silicone which is a low taint, non-toxic, thermally stable material with limitless possibilities. The stoppers, lids and covers create airtight, watertight seals to keep food fresh and protected and are an environmentally friendly alternative to foil and film. The reusable drink markers are a brilliant idea and eliminate confusion amongst your guests. As with everything in the collection the bright colours and contemporary designs bring a touch of style to your entertaining.

Charles Viancin silicone kitchenware lends colour and style to your presentation and offers clever storage solutions for the keen cook. Reusable accessories replace materials that all too often end up in landfill making Charles Viancin both a stylish and environmentally friendly choice. We love this clever collection here at Sands gifts and we are sure that you will find limitless applications for these brilliantly conceived pieces.

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